Forests & CO @ Climate-Conference

I’m presenting FORESTS & CO’s results on primary forests, including challenges and trade-offs when it comes to carbon management at the UNFCCC-COP24 Climate conference in Katowice. I hope to see you there!

Panel: Forests and Climate Policy under the Paris Agreement
EU Pavilion – Brussels Room, Friday, Dec. 7th: 16:30 – 20:00

Here’s the abstract of the session:

The role of forests and soils in mitigating climate change: bridging gaps between science and policy

Brussels Room, Panel I: 16:30 – 18:00

Achieving the long-term temperature goal of the Paris Agreement requires significant land-based mitigation. Collective country progress towards this goal will be assessed by the Paris Agreement’s Global stocktake, based on the best available science. Checking this progress will be particularly challenging for the land use and forestry sector. This panel will first present what science says on the potential role of forests and soils in mitigating climate change, based on the latest IPCC special report on 1.5 C and on a European research project, followed by an overview of how countries report and verify GHG fluxes in their inventories. Finally, challenges in ensuring comparability in land-related estimates between IPCC and country reporting will be presented.
Jo House (Bristol University): Forests in the IPCC 1.5 report
Cristina Arias Navarro (INRA): Soils as carbon sinks: The CIRCASA project
Sandro Federici (FAO): Measuring, reporting and verifying forest GHG fluxes in national GHG inventories
Giacomo Grassi (European Commission, Joint Research Centre, JRC): Reconciling IPCC estimates and country reporting of anthropogenic forest CO2 sinks

Forest Potential in the Climate Policy Framework – Financing & Incentivizing Forest based Climate Strategies under the Paris Agreement
Brussels Room, Panel II: 18:15 – 20:00

The Paris Agreement has granted Parties freedom to develop their strategies for financing and mobilizing forests in the climate policy framework. Significant numbers of countries have opted to include forests in their Nationally-Determined Contributions. Considerable attention has been paid to how countries will go about measuring and accounting for forest carbon. Comparatively little is known, however, about how countries will finance and mobilize forest-related climate-friendly actions on the ground. This panel attempts to fill this knowledge gap.
Nancy Harris (WRI) – REDD+ funding and MRV Challenges
Jason Funk & Jeff Fiedler (Center for Carbon Removal, Nature Conservancy) – Role of Forests in Climate Policy
Francesco Sabatini (HU Berlin) – Europe’s Last Primary Forests
Giacomo Grassi (European Commission – JRC) – Forests in the new EU LULUCF Strategy
Hans Petersson (SLU) – Forest Potential in the Swedish Climate Policy Framework
David Ellison (SLU) – Financing Forest Potential: Where are the Incentives?

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