Shameless autocelebration and warmest thanks

I’m pretty proud of this one: Where are Europe’s last primary forests?

It’s been out for almost two years now, has already more than fifty citations, and it’s now been awarded Top Cited Paper in Diversity and Distribution. That’s quite an impact, I must say, even without considering its impact in real (= outside academia) world. As an example, I like to think this paper played a role to convince the IUCN to put the motion

under consideration in the next IUCN World Conservation Congress (11 – 19 June 2020, Marseille).

I would like to thank all people that made it possible. Not only all coauthors, but also the hundred of field workers from all over Europe that created, piece by piece, the huge dataset underlying our paper.

To all of you my warmest thanks

DDI_Top Downloaded Article 2017-2018

….[spoiler]….Episode two coming soon!


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