Science for the Environment Policy on Forest & CO

Our latest article on “Protection gaps and restoration opportunities for primary forests in Europe“, published last September in Diversity and Distribution and object of this other post, has been picked up by ‘Science for the Environment Policy’ for a policy brief. Science for Environment Policy is a free news and information service published by Directorate-General Environment, European Commission. In their own words: “It is designed to help the busy policymaker keep up-to-date with the latest environmental research findings needed to design, implement and regulate effective policies.”

Here’s the excerpt from the abstract:

Forests with minimal history of human interference — ‘primary forests’ — provide vital ecosystem services and have high levels of biodiversity. These forests are being lost worldwide, even in regions where forests are expanding, and are particularly scarce in Europe. This study uses modelling and maps of forest cover in Europe to determine how primary forest is distributed across the region, with the findings highlighting areas of forest that should be prioritised for restoration and protection.

For this and many other news on Environment Policy, checkout the latest issue of Science and the Environment.