The Exploitation of Jungle – A DokuFilm

What are the connections between illegal deforestation, displacement of indigenous peoples across the globe and the FSC, the most famous of Sustainable Forestry Certification Schemes? Is FSC certification sufficient to avoid further loss of primary forests? Does the timber industry play by the rules?

These and other questions are explored in this interesting documentary from Deutsche Welle, featuring among others Matthew Hansen, Pierre Ibisch, and Klemens Laschefski.

It depicts a pretty grime situation. I believe it’s only a face of the FSC coin, which should not be demonized. Still, it’s a face of the coin worth addressing.

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Forests & CO @ Climate-Conference

I’m presenting FORESTS & CO’s results on primary forests, including challenges and trade-offs when it comes to carbon management at the UNFCCC-COP24 Climate conference in Katowice. I hope to see you there!

Panel: Forests and Climate Policy under the Paris Agreement
EU Pavilion – Brussels Room, Friday, Dec. 7th: 16:30 – 20:00

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Why burning forests for Energy may not be a good idea. Flaws in the revised EU renewable energy Directive

The European Union is about to release a revised version of the Directive on renewable energy. The directive aims at doubling the current production of renewable energy by 2030, i.e. the provision of solar, wind, hydroelectric and bioenergy energy. Renewable is ‘good’, so it seems we are undertaking a new step towards sustainability and a green future- All really noble, but are we sure we are doing the right thing?

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