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FORESTS and CO is a collaborative project in which forest researchers and experts work together to make relevant, European-scale analysis on the potential trade-offs between multiple objectives of forest management.

In the first phase, we’re collecting information on the spatial distribution of primary forest remnants in the European region (continental Europe with the exception of Russia).

A Primary forest, here, is broadly defined as a ‘Relatively intact forest areas that have always or at least for the past sixty to eighty years been essentially unmodified by human activity. Human impacts in such forest areas have normally been limited to low levels of hunting, fishing and harvesting of forest products, and, in some cases, to historical or pre-historical low intensity agriculture’. This definition follows Buchwald (2005) and tries to include all the stands that are known in Europe as ‘virgin’, ‘primeval’ or ‘old-growth’. For further information on definitions see the related post: Old-Growth/Primeval/Primary.

In particular, we are interested in:

  1. Existing databases and maps of primary forests European countries
  2. Information on primary forest remnants that are not included in existing maps\databases
  3. Contacts of other forest experts\researchers that may be interested in joining the collaborative network of forests scientists of FORESTS and CO

Experts and researchers can participate right now.


Depending on the information you would like to provide, please fill out the relevant online survey:

  1. Databases and maps of primary forests – OPEN LINK
  2. Primary forest remnants not included in other datasets – OPEN LINK
  3. Suggest other forest experts to invite in the network – OPEN LINK (This is the Preliminary Contact List of people already contacted)

CAUTION! The online forms require a password, which is provided in the invitation email. You didn’t get the email? Contact us! (see below for contacts)


Do you prefer working offline? contact us to receive pdf-forms that can be compiled offline and sent by email.

Contact Information can be found here


Do you want to have more information on our Collaborative network as well as on the policy on data management and property? Take a look here.